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Common Finance Deceptions In Divorce

When a marriage ends, the couple’s assets and liabilities must be divided. In order to do so, each spouse is expected to fully disclose his or her income, assets and debts. Unfortunately, people sometimes attempt to obscure the truth in order to get a better financial “deal” in their divorce. If your spouse hides assets or overstates debts, it can have a significant negative impact on your finances for years after the final divorce decree has been signed.

The Background Check Questions That Really Matter

If you’re in the market for a background check, you expect accurate, thorough information. However, not all background checks are equal.

The truth is that background checks run the gamut, from low-end — and virtually useless — to comprehensive and reliable options. To get the detailed picture you need, choose a background check that answers the following critical questions.

Differences Between Police Investigations And Private Investigations

Although both law enforcement officers and private detectives investigate potential criminal matters, there are several important differences between their roles.

Think Your Spouse Is Cheating? Key Signs To Look For

Those who are married take their wedding vows seriously and want to believe their spouses are faithful. Unfortunately, infidelity is all too common. If you have suspicions that your husband or wife may be cheating on you, there could be a simple explanation that has nothing to do with infidelity. In some cases though, your intuition might be trying to tell you something.

Here are some key signs that may indicate your spouse isn't being faithful.

Protecting Your Online Identity: Five Steps for Better Security

Identity theft is on the rise. As noted by the Insurance Information Institute, this year alone saw $16 billion stolen from more than 15 million U.S. consumers — that’s $2 million more than 2016. Why the uptick? As users shift to mobile devices and spend more time connected to Internet services, there’s growing opportunity for hackers. By compromising online accounts, cybercriminals can gain access to credit card data, banking information and personal details that could impact victims for months or even years.

Your best bet is to take the time now to protect your online identity. Here are five simple steps to help you get started.

Client Confidentiality And The Options Of A Person Under Investigation

What exactly does private investigator confidentiality cover? If a person discovers he or she is under surveillance by a private investigation firm, what are his or her rights and what should he or she do — if anything — to confront the private investigator?

These are commonly asked questions among Arkus, Inc. clients and well worth asking if you believe you may be the target of a private investigation. (Or, for that matter, if you want to initiate surveillance of some other individual.) Here are key points to keep in mind concerning surveillance and private investigator confidentiality laws:

Hack Protection: The Art And Science Of Defending Your Data

What do mobile devices, cloud computing and the rapidly expanding world of web-based applications have in common? They’ve fundamentally changed the way we interact with technology, allowing users to work, play, shop and interact anytime, anywhere. However, the rise of an interconnected, Internet-enabled world has also created new security issues as malicious actors find ways to circumvent subpar security and leverage social engineering.

How To Protect Yourself From Hackers

In the ’80s and ’90s, people were enthralled with the unexplored world of hacking. Since then, computer hackers have become expected irritants that digital users must protect themselves against.

What Is Process Serving?

Have you ever considered hiring a process server? Do you think you might need to in the future, but aren’t sure what a process server does? Maybe you’re confused as to the difference between a private process server and a public one. Here’s everything you need to know about process serving.

Hire A Private Investigator

Are you considering hiring a private investigator? In this day and age, you shouldn’t trust anyone you don’t know personally until he is vetted by a private investigator. Sometimes, it’s even necessary to investigate people you do know personally. Having an investigation conducted will supply the confidence you need to interact with a person or company in a trusting manner. It can also save a lot of future hassle by avoiding interactions with unreliable people.