Accidents & Attorneys

Accidents often end up leading to legal problems. It is important to assess fault and determine monetary compensation for the harmed individual or property. Additionally determining the details of a case may help exonerate the accused from any wrong doing or negligence and protect them from being sued for compensation. Regardless of the situation an attorney may request the help of a PI for assistance.

Car accidents often require a professional reconstruction to determine the cause and asses blame. This is especially important if they accident involves major damage, severe injuries, death, or drug intoxication. Therefore a lawyer may reach out to a private investigator if there are any concerns about initial reconstruction done at the scene by the police, or for a second opinion.

Work related injuries can lead to years of litigation and a private investigator can help ease the legal headaches, by reconstructing the accident which caused the injury, and determining how impacted the individual(s) have been by their work injury. Often work related claims are legitimate, however there are disgruntled or dishonest employees that take advantage of their employers and a private investigator can help recreate the accident, locate witnesses, and determine if the claim is valid.

Personal injury applies to almost any situation that involves deliberate or accidental harm to a person caused by the intentional, or negligent acts of another. This can range from a dog bite, to swimming pool injuries. A detective can do research for either the defendant or the plaintiff in these cases by reconstructing the accident, conducting interviews, and studying the effects of the injury.

Accident assistance is one of the many specialties of Arkus Inc. and our Investigators, and we understand accidents to happen and the importance of having all the facts for court.