Child Support: Your Children Deserve More

The true responsibility of a parent is to support their children and to guide them into adulthood. One major necessity to the child rearing process is financial support. In fact, it costs approximately $200,000 to raise a child from infancy and support them through college. As a single parent with primary custody of your children, you understand what it is like to worry constantly about clothing, feeding, and enriching your children. Maybe, you feel that you did not get a fair judgment in court at your child support hearing, or perhaps you simply cannot verify the financial assets of the other parent. Regardless of the reason, it is possible with a proper investigation you can get more child support from your ex.

A private detective can monitor the non custodial parent, verify their employment, research their bank accounts, and possibly follow a paper trail to ensure you are being treated fairly by the child support system. A well trained investigator can uncover hidden funds, or discover if they have been given a raise at work, or find out if they are receiving any other financial benefits. Arkus Inc. can help you and your family grow more secure by uncovering funds you did not even know existed.