Differences Between Police Investigations And Private Investigations

Although both law enforcement officers and private detectives investigate potential criminal matters, there are several important differences between their roles.

Legal Authority and Investigative Methods

Police officers and detectives are charged with upholding and enforcing their state’s or jurisdiction’s laws. They have the power to pursue and apprehend people who they suspect have broken those laws. Interrogating witnesses and obtaining confessions are often key components to building and making a legal case.

Because private investigators are not law enforcement professionals, they don’t have the power to detain witnesses or compel testimony. This requires private investigators to be more creative in their efforts — using a variety of other lawful means to gather facts and information that can support or refute a client’s suspicions.

Types of Matters Handled

It’s also important to understand that the types of cases police detectives handle are often different from what private investigators do.

Police investigations are generally limited to criminal matters. Private investigators, on the other hand, look into some criminal matters but also delve into personal and financial matters in the private sector. For example, private investigators take on cases involving marital infidelity, missing persons, insurance and financial fraud, forensic investigations, background checks and more.

Available Resources

Police departments are taxpayer-funded public services. Because of this, budgets are limited. Meaning, the resources available to police detectives and investigators are limited. Compounding this problem is the fact that police detectives often shoulder heavy caseloads, handling many cases at the same time. The unfortunate effect is that many cases go unsolved and key information may be missed simply because police detectives didn’t have the time or resources to conduct thorough investigations.

In contrast, private investigators are paid directly by their clients. This means they can limit their caseloads to what they have the time and resources to handle. If conducting weeks or months of surveillance for one client’s case is what’s needed to bring it to a resolution, that’s what happens.

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