Father’s and Divorce: You Are An Equal

In the eyes of the law, both the legal father and mother have equal rights to their children. However societal norms still default to mothers in a higher percentage of custody cases than those who default to fathers. As a parent, and as a father, it is important to establish and maintain your role as a constant presence in your child’s life.

Commonly during a custody case, fathers are inaccurately labeled as being unable to care for their children because society places different demands on men, than women. However, nothing could be further from the truth, and the truth is that many capable fathers’ often end up having less time with their children. You can hire a licensed private investigator to examine your spouse or ex and observe her day to day duties as a single parent.

Our private investigators will typically follow her on a regular basis to learn the schedule of your family. They can monitor the home and examine how often she leaves the children, and to see if there are any additional opportunities that arise regularly, which may open a door into spending more time with your children. They will record times and dates of significant events in your child’s life of which you may have been excluded.

We can also monitor if there are other individuals that may have access to your children, and look to see if they are in danger in anyway. If you suspect you spouse is dating someone, the detective assigned to your case can do research on the individual, to determine if her new significant other is a stable person to have in your family’s life. All of the evidence obtained by the private investigator is documented and will be provided for you to use in court.