Forensic Data Recovery Evidence

Today we live in a digital age where most of our lives are kept on electronic machines such as computer, tablets, smart phones, and data bases which store most of our personal details. All of this electronically stored information may contain evidence that can benefit the prosecution or defense in a legal case.

Arkus Inc. works with experts who can harvest digital files that can be utilized as evidence in a court. This can be stored as text, binary code, pictures, audio files, and videos. We even have the capability to recover files that have been deleted by an individual. Electronic evidence is helpful in multiple investigations; divorce, child custody, criminal prosecution and defense, civil lawsuits, and fraud cases. Devices that hold this data are a gold mine of potential support for your circumstances.

A professional needs to be utilized in extracting this information, because it is a delicate process and the information can be damaged while it is being harvested. A trained technician will ensure the safety of the information and guarantee its authenticity, as well as its legality.

Obtaining legitimate data is important for any legal investigation and Arkus Inc. can help you every step of the way.