Getting a Divorce? Help your PI help you.

Your reputation is everything, especially if every move you make is going to be laid out in front a judge and used against you during your divorce proceeding. One of the best ways to fight negative information is to provide counter evidence that disproves your spouses’ story, and to expose your spouse for their actions during litigation.

The first thing to do when you hire an investigator is to fully explain the details of your case. If you have been dishonest, let your private investigator know that you do have faults and that you have made mistakes. Your investigator may have some suggestions and how to refute unappealing information. Give them all of the background information, even details that do not seem important because those small tidbits may contain data your detective can research. For example, if you know your ex meets a friend for drinks every Thursday at 6, tell your PI that so they can examine their behavior and come up with additional leads.

Next, put your detective in contact with your attorney. Communication between your team is essential, because there may be deadlines in your court case and your private investigator may need to conduct a surveillance or get some specific facts prior to your next court date. In a high profile divorce you may know your spouse is being financially deceiving, yet you cannot locate their bank account. Information of that nature is vital to share with your PI so that they can explore the financial background of your spouse.

Finally, maintain a solid reputation. Clean up your internet profile and watch your behavior in public as well as in private. A private investigator can do all that they can to provide information on your spouse, but just remember that your spouse may be doing the same to you. Watch your activities and be your own worst critic because you never know who is watching, and at Arkus Inc. we are always watching.