Hire A Private Investigator

Are you considering hiring a private investigator? In this day and age, you shouldn’t trust anyone you don’t know personally until he is vetted by a private investigator. Sometimes, it’s even necessary to investigate people you do know personally. Having an investigation conducted will supply the confidence you need to interact with a person or company in a trusting manner. It can also save a lot of future hassle by avoiding interactions with unreliable people.

Here are three questions to contemplate when hiring a private investigator:

1. When should I consider hiring a private investigator?

Any time you are thinking about dating or doing business with someone new, working with an unknown person or having him work for you, or even doing business with family, hiring a private investigator could be the solution. Basically, any person who you might have close, personal interactions or business interactions with warrants a background check from a private investigator. Also, contemplate hiring a private investigator if you think someone you know is undermining your relationship and/or trust — such as if you suspect your partner of cheating, or a relative/business associate of stealing money/property from you, or doing/saying things that could hurt your reputation.

2. What should I look for when hiring a private investigator (i.e. qualities, licenses, etc.)?

You shouldn’t hire just any private investigator. When hiring a private detective, use this checklist to make sure you are getting a quality, reputable one.

    A license
    Always go for the licensed investigators. While some states have more strict requirements for becoming licensed investigators than others, the license is at least a clue that the investigator knows what he is doing.

    Ask questions: What type of education does the investigator have, and is it in a relevant area? How long has he been in business? Does he have a good history of performing excellent work and pleasing his clients? Is he able to provide a reference? Does he have any complaints against him with your state consumer or regulatory boards (you can check online for the answer to this question)? The answers to these questions will ensure you get the most experienced, qualified investigator.

    Has a real office
    Even if it’s a dedicated spot in his home used only for business or a rented office building, only select private investigator candidates who use legitimate office space. Someone who only works by phone, mail or email is suspect from the beginning, and shouldn’t be considered. It’s imperative to know where the candidate can be physically found if you need him.

    Is upfront about his Fees
    A professional/reputable investigator will clearly spell out his fees upfront. There will be no hidden costs, and the estimate should be accurate and detailed. The investigator should also agree to not do any work that would cost above the estimate unless he receives your approval, first.

3. What can I expect with a private investigator (i.e. cost, first steps, etc.)?

A good private investigator will provide a free consultation, so you can get to know each other and decide if your personalities click enough to work well together. The investigator should also not pressure you to hire him. The information should be given to you after describing your project, and then the decision — whether or not to hire — is left up to you, with no coercion. If time is needed to interview other investigators, the one you’re talking to should be fine with it. When you make a hiring decision, the investigator hired should be accommodating in making a follow-up appointment with you to get all of the information and get started on your job.

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