How much does a private investigation cost?

Arkus Inc. provides top quality investigations performed by licensed investigators, who are qualified to deal with the specifics of your case. As such we charge our investigations based on your specific needs. To begin with, a retainer of $1200.00 is required to be put down before the investigation is started. If the investigation costs less than the $1200, this money is then returned to the client. An hourly rate is charged per investigator for most types of investigations. In addition to the hourly rate, one hour of travel time is charged for each surveillance operation, as well as a mileage charge. All surveillances have a 3 hour minimum. Extra fees are incurred for photographic evidence processing.

More detailed investigations, such as undercover operations are charged at a monthly rate. Depending on the specifics of your case, other fees may differ. Hiring a private investigator will typically save you money in the future, and is a wise investment; as it will help reduce attorney fees, prevent theft, and protect you from danger.

Our services are as unique as our clients and Arkus Inc. provides services for all types of investigations.