How Private Investigators Can Help Attorneys

How Private Investigators Can Help Attorneys

For busy attorneys in almost any practice area, the primary goal is to obtain the best possible outcome for their clients’ legal matters. To do that, lawyers need thorough and reliable information to bolster the legal case strategies. Private investigators can be an invaluable resource for attorneys and law firms, digging deeper than attorneys could and providing key litigation support.

Helping Bring the Facts to Light

Where attorneys are skilled at legal strategy, private investigators are skilled at digging deep to uncover the truth. Private investigators complement attorneys’ roles by investigating issues extensively, providing the information attorneys need to create a more solid case.

For example, private investigators can help lawyers by quickly and easily locating important identification documents and filings, finding current and former addresses for parties or witnesses, researching property records and more.

Analyzing Detailed Information to Make Connections

Of course, information uncovered during an investigation is only useful to attorneys if it is relevant to the matter at hand. Private investigators are adept at finding and following trails to get to the heart of the case. Whether an attorney needs help with a fraud investigation or needs detailed documentation and records to support a criminal defense case, a private investigator can identify inconsistencies or patterns.

Locating People

If an attorney needs information for a civil or a criminal matter, private investigators are also skilled at locating, identifying, verifying and interviewing witnesses who can help strengthen attorneys’ cases by testifying about what they saw or know.

Investigators have surveillance tools and methods designed to help find people who may be trying to hide, or whose connection to the case may not be readily ascertainable.

Finding Hidden Assets of Asset Transfers

Another way private investigators support busy attorneys and law firms is by following the money. Investigators can find properties and financial assets that someone was trying to keep under the radar. This can be important in divorce matters, business disputes and in fraud cases.

Arkus, Inc. Provides Litigation Support Services

Attorneys and firms in the Chicago area trust Arkus, Inc. to help them locate people and records, analyze information and provide the facts legal professionals need to put their best foot forward. Of course, Arkus, Inc.’s investigative services are professional, discreet and thorough.

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