Legal Tampering

While unusual, higher profile cases often involve powerful individuals that are deeply connected to political authorities and an endless cash flow. It is uncommon, but possible that these individuals, their defense teams, and people who know them can use their influence in order to spin a jury member, or a witness into holding out information, or changing the course of a verdict.

Private investigators are trained to determine if a jury member or a witness is being bribed, misled, or threatened. These types of investigations can be very time consuming, and require lots of attention to detail and frequently have many twists and turns. It is important to hire a well trained professional, with experience that can follow the twists and turns.

This requires two concurrent investigations. One will examine the ill intent of those tampering with the witness, or the juror. The other will follow the activities of the witness or juror themselves. A link needs to be determined between both parties, along with proof of illegal tampering. If tampering is legitimately occurring it is a serious crime and will prosecuted. Additionally it will provide a victory not only for you and your legal team, but for the American justice system.

Having a sound trial and verdict with honest testimony is a basic American right, and as such Arkus Inc. will uphold our judicial system.