Litigation Support

Location, Location, Location for Litigation

A qualified and experienced private investigator will be able to assist with litigation support in many ways. One of the primary responsibilities of these professionals is to locate individuals who have value in the court system. There are a few reasons an attorney may need a person to be found.

Court witnesses are commonly important for certain types of legal battles. Perhaps the missing person witnessed a crime and they need to found for questioning, suspect identification, or testifying. A contracted detective will be able to trace their last known steps and use specific tools in order to locate the individual. Perhaps the missing person committed a crime, and they are being sought after for justice, in which case an investigator will have the skills and connections with local law enforcement to follow the chain of evidence with hopes to locate, and safely obtain the suspect.

In this situation the detective will need to create a dialogue with that friends, relatives, and associates of the missing person, as well as specific details on their last known location, aliases, hobbies, other people they may know, criminal history (if applicable), and possibly lots of other details.

A private investigator can prove to be very valuable to solving your case and Arkus will be able to assist in your attorneys in uncovering more information pertaining to their case.