Negotiations: Bringing It All To The Table

Before finalizing a contract or agreeing to a legal settlement, hiring a private investigator can give you an upper hand in a negotiation. Attorneys are aware that today’s market is aggressive and decisions we make today by signing contracts and agreeing to terms unbeknownst to us can come back to haunt us, even years down the line. Perhaps you and your lawyers are on the verge of signing a large business deal, or possibly you are entering a production agreement for manufactured goods. Or possibly you signed a contract years ago or entered into an agreement you are no longer able to uphold. Either way joining force with a private investigator could be the ticket to a better agreement, or getting out of your deal.

Your assigned detective will do research on the parties on the other side of the table and attempt to uncover information about their business and their associates. PI’s can examine private financial records, electronic correspondence, and perform surveillance in order to determine if you are entering into an honest business deal.

In a situation where you or your client is suffering from “buyer’s remorse” and wants to remove their commitment from a previous contract, a detective can research the parties involved at signing and looking to their personal and business ventures. Your investigator and your attorney can look for loop holes in your existing contract, or give you more information about creating a counter agreement and amend your existing contract that will work to your benefit.

Arming yourself with a private investigator prior to finalizing and personal or business deal will always give you and your business the upper hand in any negotiation. Arkus Inc. can give you all of the assistance that you need before you make your commercial or private exchange.