No Fault Does Not Mean You Do Not Need A Private Investigator

Many Illinois residents believe when it comes to the dissolution of marriage, they do not need to provide any sort of legal grounds for seeking a divorce because Illinois is a “no fault” state. This is unfortunately not true. Even in no fault states, private investigators can help you acquire evidence against indiscretions of another party, and bring them to light in order to be considered in a court of law.

The acts of the other party in the marriage can affect many aspects of a divorce case. Issues like; child custody, spousal support, residency, child support, and infidelity all require documentation so that you can get what you feel entitled to in your divorce. Private investigators have multiple resources and skills to follow your spouse, monitor their activities, and observe their activities with your children.

In case you are considering hiring a private investigator in your upcoming divorce, several considerations should be taken. First, make sure whoever you hire is licensed, bonded and insured. These qualifications make their evidence credible, and it will not be unnecessarily questioned by a judge. Also make sure that whomever you hire is experienced with divorce cases.

If you are going through a divorce, or even considering divorce, contact Arkus Inc. for the professional and empowering investigations that will help give you the outcome you deserve as you dissolve your marriage.