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Putting it all together

Lawyers ultimately have one ultimate goal, and that is to collect sufficient evidence in order to lead to a victory in court. All of the evidence collected needs to be connected and clearly laid out for a jury. There are many different types of evidence, documents, communication, video surveillance, witness testimony, and photographic evidence just to name a few. Organizing this information can be a cumbersome task, and at times it may be difficult to align the data in a way that fits together.

Legal Tampering

While unusual, higher profile cases often involve powerful individuals that are deeply connected to political authorities and an endless cash flow. It is uncommon, but possible that these individuals, their defense teams, and people who know them can use their influence in order to spin a jury member, or a witness into holding out information, or changing the course of a verdict.

My client can’t collect

Receiving a judgment in your favor in court is always a victory. However, that does not mean you will always collect the money you have been awarded. There are many ways those who owe you find a way to avoid payment and responsibility. A licensed investigator and help uncover hidden money and get you what you deserve.

Show me the money where did it go?

As an attorney the expectation is that you are familiar with the law, and are able to use it to help your law firm and your clients win. However lawyers are not detectives, and do not have the specific training to locate financial assets in every situation.

Litigation Support

Location, Location, Location for Litigation

A qualified and experienced private investigator will be able to assist with litigation support in many ways. One of the primary responsibilities of these professionals is to locate individuals who have value in the court system. There are a few reasons an attorney may need a person to be found.

Under Cover and Under Radar

When it comes to gathering evidence, sometimes a hand’s on approach is necessary instead of covert observation. Undercover agents do more than collect evidence and present it to clients. Instead they put themselves into targeted situations and are able to touch and experience the circumstances for themselves. Situations that may warrant an undercover agent are employee relations, corporate theft, drug investigations, or espionage

Worker’s Compensation: Is the Claim Legitimate?2538

As an employer you have an obligation to provide a safe work environment for those who work for you. A portion of that responsibility is compensating employees who are injured while on your time clock. You will be held responsible for not only their medical bills, but other expenses including:

No Fault Does Not Mean You Do Not Need A Private Investigator

Many Illinois residents believe when it comes to the dissolution of marriage, they do not need to provide any sort of legal grounds for seeking a divorce because Illinois is a “no fault” state. This is unfortunately not true. Even in no fault states, private investigators can help you acquire evidence against indiscretions of another party, and bring them to light in order to be considered in a court of law.

Are You Being “Catfished”?

The internet has completely changed the scope of communication and social networking has become an integral part of our social activities, occupational roles, and dating lives as the world wide web brings together people who would never have met otherwise.

Employee Theft: A Reality In The Work Place

Employee theft is a rapidly growing crime that many small and large businesses are experiencing. In fact, according to Business News Daily the apprehension of dishonest employees is up 5.5 percent from last year. It is up to you as a business owner to safeguard yourself from those who intend to take advantage of you.