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Negotiations: Bringing It All To The Table

Before finalizing a contract or agreeing to a legal settlement, hiring a private investigator can give you an upper hand in a negotiation. Attorneys are aware that today’s market is aggressive and decisions we make today by signing contracts and agreeing to terms unbeknownst to us can come back to haunt us, even years down the line.

Worker’s Compensation: Is the Claim Legitimate?

As an employer you have an obligation to provide a safe work environment for those who work for you. A portion of that responsibility is compensating
employees who are injured while on your time clock. You will be held responsible for not only their medical bills, but other expenses including:

Due Diligence: You Can Never Be Too Careful

On a regular basis you can turn on the news and hear about a consumer who has been taken advantage of by a business or individual. Instead of just fronting people your hard earned wages and savings, perhaps it is important to first make a small investment by investigating those you are choosing to trust with your money.

Getting a Divorce? Help your PI help you.

Your reputation is everything, especially if every move you make is going to be laid out in front a judge and used against you during your divorce proceeding. One of the best ways to fight negative information is to provide counter evidence that disproves your spouses’ story, and to expose your spouse for their actions during litigation.

Father’s and Divorce: You Are An Equal

In the eyes of the law, both the legal father and mother have equal rights to their children. However societal norms still default to mothers in a higher percentage of custody cases than those who default to fathers. As a parent, and as a father, it is important to establish and maintain your role as a constant presence in your child’s life.

Child Support: Your Children Deserve More

The true responsibility of a parent is to support their children and to guide them into adulthood. One major necessity to the child rearing process is financial support. In fact, it costs approximately $200,000 to raise a child from infancy and support them through college. As a single parent with primary custody of your children, you understand what it is like to worry constantly about clothing, feeding, and enriching your children.

How much does a private investigation cost?

Arkus Inc. provides top quality investigations performed by licensed investigators, who are qualified to deal with the specifics of your case. As such we charge our investigations based on your specific needs. To begin with, a retainer of $1200.00 is required to be put down before the investigation is started. If the investigation costs less than the $1200, this money is then returned to the client.