Should You Look For Your Birth Parents?

If you were adopted or lived with a foster family, you may be experiencing many complicated emotions. You probably love your family members and are grateful that they accepted you into their lives. Yet you also might be curious about your birth parents. Today, adopting practices encourage a more open arrangement. A lot of birth parents have contact with their children after placement. However, this is a relatively recent development. The practice for many years was to keep information about birth families confidential. This means learning about your biological parents could require some effort and outside help.

Before you start looking, it’s important to consider some questions. These can help you figure out whether you truly want to uncover your family history.

Who Do I Want to Find?

In countless cases, parents who give their children up for adoption are separated. It’s up to you to determine whether you want to find both of your biological parents. Depending on the circumstances, it’s possible you have siblings or extended family. Decide whether you only want to know about your birth parents or if you want to fill in your entire family tree.

Why Do I Want to Find Them?

Although your only goal may be to satisfy your curiosity about your birth parents, there are likely other practical reasons for your search:

  • You have questions about your medical history that only your biological family can answer
  • There’s an inheritance or family property you have a right to own
  • You want to put any lingering questions about your history to rest and gain closure
  • You simply desire to cultivate a relationship with your birth parents

Before going through the effort and expense involved in an investigation, determine why you want to do it.

Am I Prepared for the Results?

Although reuniting with birth parents often is a joyous occasion, that isn’t always the case. There are some uncomfortable truths you could discover. For example, there’s a chance your birth parents don’t wish to have any contact with you. You may find out that one or both of your birth parents are dead. Your search might not find anything at all. Prepare yourself for disappointment and weigh the potential when making a decision.

Is My Family Prepared?

Your adoptive or foster family will be affected by the results of your investigation, too. You’ll need to think about how much involvement your family will have in your investigation.

If you believe you’re ready to learn more about your birth family, a private investigator can provide the help you need. Arkus, Inc. has the experience and expertise necessary to assist you on your journey to the truth. If you’d like to learn more about what we can do, contact us today.