Show me the money where did it go?

As an attorney the expectation is that you are familiar with the law, and are able to use it to help your law firm and your clients win. However lawyers are not detectives, and do not have the specific training to locate financial assets in every situation.

Before taking on a case an attorney may want to make sure it is worth fighting. If a client is suing someone for one million dollars, if that entity does not have one million dollars in assets then it is not worth the lawsuit. Perhaps you are a divorce attorney and your client wants to seek additional funds, and greater spousal support. A PI can follow a paper trail and monitor electronic funds in attempt to determine where their income and investments are being deposited.

An investigator can also be beneficial in large financial transactions, like high yield investments and do background checks and those you are investing your money with before you sign the dotted line. This will ensure your money is going into a legitimate investment and will not be lost to a Ponzi scheme. Also if you lost money in an investment a detective can help unravel whether the loss was based on theft or market conditions.

In any situation, if you or your lawyer is searching for money that cannot be located, or may not even exist, Arkus Inc, has an investigator that will assist your case.