The Background Check Questions That Really Matter

If you’re in the market for a background check, you expect accurate, thorough information. However, not all background checks are equal.

The truth is that background checks run the gamut, from low-end — and virtually useless — to comprehensive and reliable options. To get the detailed picture you need, choose a background check that answers the following critical questions.

What Is the Individual’s True Identity?

One of the most important reasons for a background check is verifying the identity of an individual.

At a basic level, a background check must confirm the subject’s full name, Social Security number, address, date of birth and other identifying details. With this information in hand, you can go on to gather additional data and differentiate the individual from others with similar names or biographical details.

What Type of Education Has the Subject Completed?

In certain cases, you may need to know the specifics of an individual’s academic history, including the educational institution, areas of study, dates attended and credentials attained.

A detailed employment history also may play a key role in compiling a complete picture of your subject. A background check should reveal where the individual has worked, positions held, dates of employment, reasons for leaving and any serious disciplinary problems on the job.

Does the Individual Have a Criminal Background?

For a variety of reasons, you may need to know the details of a subject’s criminal history. Has the individual been charged with or convicted of any crimes? If so, were they violent offenses or charges related to financial oversight? A comprehensive background check will reveal any history of convictions — even if the allegations occurred in another jurisdiction.

How Does the Credit History Look?

As with criminal background, knowing the credit history of a subject can be important for finance-related hiring and other purposes. Employers often review credit histories to assess applicants’ personal responsibility and trustworthiness. A low credit score, history of missed payments, or court records such as bankruptcies can indicate that an individual may not qualify for a financial position.

Are There Red Flags?

If you need to investigate an individual for any reason, you want to know of any warning signs, including patterns of potentially troubling behavior. Red flags can be subtle, and it’s important to work with experts with experience in analyzing background data to piece together the big picture.

At Arkus, Inc., our investigators provide you the information you need to make sound decisions. A comprehensive background screening process — paired with data review that unearths patterns such as financial problems or criminal behavior — gives you solid facts and peace of mind.

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