Under Cover and Under Radar

When it comes to gathering evidence, sometimes a hand’s on approach is necessary instead of covert observation. Undercover agents do more than collect evidence and present it to clients. Instead they put themselves into targeted situations and are able to touch and experience the circumstances for themselves. Situations that may warrant an undercover agent are employee relations, corporate theft, drug investigations, or espionage.

The agent is assigned a valid job opening and will be hired by the employer and tries to assimilate and gain personal relationships with their unsuspecting colleagues. They are officially placed on the books as a paid employee. Your investigator will remain undercover as they get to the bottom of the crime by developing friendly and professional associations with those who are involved with the suspected activity. While being undercover the agent will also gather evidence using photographs or other surveillance techniques. The investigator will resign once the investigation is complete.

Internet websites that allow users to advertise may also require the services of Arkus Inc. to protect your interests from those who may be preying on you by advertising illegal services. In fact, many drug busts and murder for hire cases have been brought to light from undercover investigations powered by user information posted on websites.

Arkus Inc. will connect with you a skilled investigator who will maintain their cover and get you the information you want to know in order to protect yourself and your business.