Worker’s Compensation: Is the Claim Legitimate?2538

As an employer you have an obligation to provide a safe work environment for those who work for you. A portion of that responsibility is compensating employees who are injured while on your time clock. You will be held responsible for not only their medical bills, but other expenses including: medications, their wages while unable to work, transportation, and, if applicable, lifelong disability or additional education costs if the employee is deemed medically unable to return to their previous occupation.

Whatever the case, this is a lot of money that you must pay out if the claim is valid. When these allegations are made it is often a wise investment to hire a private investigator to research the legitimacy of the claim. A licensed private investigator can monitor the employee to make sure that their injuries are authentic by observing their activities. Photographic documentation is best for these types of cases because that type of evidence is easy for a judge to act on. An investigator can also testify in court on our behalf.

There are multiple red flags in worker’s compensation cases which may warrant the use of a private investigator.

A few of these include:

  • Injuries that occur near or before retirement, leaving the company for any reason, strike, vacation, following disciplinary action, or an employee who has had multiple jobs for short periods of time;
  • No witness to an on the job injury or few witnesses are available;
  • Delayed reporting of an injury.

If you are suspicious of any employee for any reason, Arkus Inc. has qualified and licensed private investigators that can investigate your employees’ claims against you and your company.