At Arkus, Inc., we built our programs and systems upon our history of quality, integrity and service, shaping a company that is equipped to meet the challenges and opportunities in an age when information is paramount.

Regardless of the kind of information you're seeking, Arkus, Inc. has the technology and state-of-the-art tools to perform any job required. We treat every client that walks through our doors the way we would want to be treated — with quality service in a timely manner, and with the guarantee of confidentiality and privacy.

Founded in 1975, Arkus, Inc. has been serving Chicago and its suburbs for more than four decades. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, insurance companies, small business, law firms and private citizens. Our company president and lead investigator, Robert Arden, has overseen numerous investigations of varying complexity, including many involving multiple agents.

Committed to Diversity

Many clients picture detectives as men wearing trench coats and hats that are pulled down over their eyes, so they are surprised to learn that Arkus, Inc. employs women sleuths. In addition to the importance of diversity in the workplace, there are instances in which female private investigators in Chicago are especially beneficial.

Some investigations involve trailing people to see where they go and how long they stay when they arrive at their destinations. People don’t expect a female detective to be following them, which makes women detectives valuable, particularly in child custody and infidelity cases. Plus, there are cases in which the private eye must pose as a woman, and this is certainly easier for a female to pull off!

Why Choose Arkus, Inc.?

We understand that selecting the right investigation agency is not easy. However, when you consider Arkus, Inc.’s success record and our fundamental, common sense approach to investigations, it’s obvious that we are a leading provider. At the heart of our operation, are the core principles — embodied in our mission statement — that guide us in everything we do:

  • Hiring the best-qualified staff and investing in their training and development
  • Recognizing individual initiative and achievement while reinforcing our conviction that we provide our services as a team
  • Investing in systems and equipment consistent with good business practices

We strongly believe that adhering to these principles helps us to achieve our overarching goal: to enhance the success of our clients while ensuring our own success.