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Arkus, Inc. provides bug sweeping services in Chicago and its suburbs. For more than four decades, our knowledgeable, experienced professionals have helped our clients preserve their privacy.

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Debugging Services

One area of expertise consists of counter surveillance. When you fear the worst, we provide well-trained and experienced investigators with bug sweeping device detectors to collect all the information necessary for your protection. We pride ourselves on discreet and professional bug sweeper detection services and are confident that we can help in your time of need.

Who Needs Bug Sweeping Services in Chicago?

Are you a professional dealing with highly sensitive information for your company? Are you in a difficult divorce and fear your spouse may be invading your privacy to gain an edge? Some people are concerned only about their own well-being and will do anything to get what they want. Hiding listening devices and surveillance equipment is not difficult, and if you don't know what to look for, they can be hard to find. Whether you need a residential bug sweep or want to have your offices checked as part of our business investigations, we are your complete resource for this specialized expertise.

It is important to feel secure in your home and at work, and we can help you gain and preserve that peace of mind. With our technologically advanced bug sweeping device detectors and widespread knowledge, we can sweep for bugs in the most efficient way possible. When you choose us for bug sweeping services in Chicago, you can be certain we will use the most successful techniques. These include using radio spectrum services that detect active transmissions from hidden video cameras, mobile phones and more. Even if these devices are not activated, our professional bug sweepers can find them using our state-of-the-art equipment as well as by conducting a full visual inspection of your space. Our bug detection services are the most comprehensive in the business.

We Find Bugs and Ensure Privacy

Arkus, Inc. is equipped to sweep for listening devices and detect bugs that are as small as a dime. Our thorough bug sweeping services in Chicago are conducted using the most advanced countermeasure equipment available, and we make sure to inspect every possible location or electronic system so you know without a doubt that your home or workplace is definitely safe and secure.

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We believe that you deserve to feel safe in your home. We are committed to the sanctity of the workplace and keeping your business affairs secure from theft. If you suspect that your private or professional property has been bugged, please contact us. We want to help resolve whatever crisis you are facing. We also provide routine personal or corporate bug sweep services for those in need of a higher level of protection. You don't need to do this alone. Contact Arkus, Inc. today and get ready for serious results.

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