Business Investigation Services

Business Investigations

Knowledge is power in the business world, and there may be times when you need someone with expertise at digging up the facts. Whether you want to get to the bottom of a workplace dispute, uncover evidence of malfeasance or learn the truth about a potential partner, hiring business surveillance detectives may be the answer. Arkus, Inc. has been handling such business investigations for a long time, and we have the know-how to deliver results for you.

How We Can Serve Your Company

If you have a feeling that something is amiss in your company, it’s difficult to know how to handle the situation correctly and legally. Arkus, Inc. has the knowledge, skills and equipment to get the answers you seek. Our investigators determine whether or not wrongdoing is occurring in your business, and — if it is — who is responsible.

We have more than 40 years of experience in investigating employees’ backgrounds and behavior, corporate theft, fraud, embezzlement, and more. Our capable business detectives will conduct interviews, look for signs of illegal activities, and give you the comprehensive data to make the best decision for your organization.

Our private detectives are also skilled in conducting due diligence investigations, finding all the relevant information you need before deciding whether to embark on a new venture. Publicly available information doesn’t always tell the full story about a company or its members. We give you a complete picture of your prospective partners so you can make deals with confidence. When you’re sure you can trust a vendor, supplier or partner, you’re empowered to make decisions that create the most value for customers and shareholders.

Our business investigation services include:

The Arkus, Inc. Difference

Serving the Chicago area for more than four decades, few other firms have as much experience in these matters as us. We continue to hold a leadership position in the marketplace by concentrating on hiring only exceptionally capable and knowledgeable investigators. On top of that, we provide our personnel with complete support — including the most advanced technology and proven systems that lead to success.

We’re dedicated to providing you with quality service and timely delivery. When working with us, you also can be assured that we will treat your sensitive information with the utmost care and respect. To learn more about our capabilities or to start your free consultation, reach out today via this page.