White-collar crime may sound insignificant until you’re the one accused of committing it. At Arkus, Inc., we understand that not all white-collar crime defendants are guilty, and it’s our mission to protect the innocent. To serve clients faced with criminal investigation or prosecution, our licensed private investigators:

  • Conduct internal corporate investigations of alleged misconduct, including special committees and audit committee investigations, by assisting the attorney in identifying, interviewing and assessing witnesses
  • Assist in gathering and securing evidence for representation of corporations, officers and directors in grand jury investigations
  • Aid in the defense of criminal and regulatory enforcement actions

Our industry expertise and over 40 years of experience investigating corporate and white-collar crime enable us to assist attorneys in handling these complicated matters effectively and efficiently, so that no innocent defendant is ever prosecuted under our watch.

Security Vulnerability Assessment

The days of trusting your neighbors are over. Everyone locks their doors nowadays, but is that level of security really enough, especially when it comes to your company assets and proprietary information? Arkus, Inc. helps you determine your risk level and sets you on a path to ensuring that your business is truly safe from intruders.

Our team of experienced professionals conducts a thorough on-site inspection of your facilities that includes an evaluation of your existing security measures. The resulting report helps you ensure that your company is following industry-accepted best practices for security, including:

  • Risk identification and assessment
  • Risk mitigation strategies
  • Residual risk transfer
  • Risk reporting
  • Monitoring

Employee Monitoring

We all know people who slack off on the job, but in today’s economic climate, it’s important to ensure that your employees are earning their pay. Modern technology has made it possible to monitor employees discreetly so that you know what they’re up to, even when they think the boss isn’t looking. Arkus, Inc. provides covert video surveillance and computer surveillance, so you can keep an eye on your employees' activities on and off the computer. Our experienced team of investigators ensures that your surveillance is not only effective, but also completely within legal and ethical guidelines.