Cellphone Data Recovery

Cellphone Data Recovery

People rely on cellphones, and smartphones in particular, for managing their everyday lives more than ever. This reliance has produced a new frontier in investigations. Some investigators are now trained in cellular forensics. This new and emerging field is in demand, as more people need assistance with recovery of deleted texts, lists of GPS locations used on certain phones in the past, deleted photos, and other data once stored on the phone that may have been deleted. Recovery may be needed for a variety of purposes, such as criminal investigations, divorces and even employment background checks.

We rely on our smartphones for storing important and sensitive information, and for managing the tasks we do every day. However, the information on them is easily lost and easily hacked. For all of our reliance on the information we put on our smartphones, they are extraordinarily easy to bug. There are a number of apps available to do just that, which makes cellphones easy targets for spying, stalking and other unsavory purposes. Not only do these apps record your information — such as texts, web browsing history and even phone conversations — but also they can send them to other phones and computers. This makes these apps, including FlexiSpy, MobileSpy and eBlaster, serious threats to your privacy.

What Is Cellphone Recovery?

Cellphone recovery uses specific methods to recover information from your phone that you may need. It also includes checking for spyware, tracking devices and apps to ensure that you are not being monitored without your knowledge. A cellphone unlock code is all that is needed for our professionals to perform cellphone data recovery for Chicago-area residents and businesses.

Why Would I Need Mobile Phone Data Recovery?

You may want to use cellphone recovery services if you are:

  • Involved in a lawsuit and concerned that someone is spying on you
  • Going through a contentious divorce
  • Applying for a high-security job
  • Concerned that your phone has been hacked and it contains sensitive and/or personally damaging or embarrassing information

Our Cellphone Data Recovery Services

Remember, a trusted expert should always handle cellphone recovery. Arkus, Inc. has the top cellphone data recovery Chicago has to offer. We work with all smartphone types, including:

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Windows Mobile
  • Symbian
  • Blackberry

We recover your deleted texts, browsing history, conversation history and other sensitive data you may have put on your phone, including on apps that came with the phone or that you downloaded.

We also check your phone for spyware, monitoring devices and signs of hacking, and remove these threats to your privacy, if found. Your report from us includes all the information we discovered when we checked your phone. What you do with that information is up to you. If we discover that someone has been illegally monitoring you through your phone, for example, you may want to pursue legal action against him or her by obtaining a subpoena to discover this person’s identity, and determine whether he or she performed a criminal act on your phone.

Why Arkus, Inc.?

Arkus, Inc. is a professional investigation service in Chicago, and we are experienced at cellphone recovery. We also have a reputation for being discreet and trustworthy. Our clients' utter trust in us to keep the information we uncover private is part of what has kept us in business for so long. Our professionalism and high level of expertise is the other part. If you require cellphone recovery services in Chicago, there is only one reasonable choice for the company to do it, and that company is Arkus, Inc.