Cheating Spouse

Chicago Cheating Spouse Investigators

Infidelity is a painful experience. Some marriages can get through it and come out stronger than ever, while others fall apart. Perhaps one of the worst aspects of infidelity is suspecting it, but not being sure enough to confront your partner. You need the peace of mind that comes from knowing the truth of your partner's activities. Once you know, you can decide what to do about the relationship going forward. If you are located in Chicago and suspect your partner could be cheating, consider hiring an infidelity private investigator at Arkus, Inc.

How to Catch a Cheating Significant Other

For a truly high-tech investigation that leaves no stone unturned — while being exceptionally discreet — hire an infidelity private investigator in Chicago from Arkus, Inc.

Our private investigators in the Chicago area look into a cheating spouse or partner, stealthily track that person's movements, and look into his or her personal and financial records, as allowed by law. They do this over a period of time, enough to be certain that this person is cheating or not cheating. Subjects of the investigation never know they are being followed or remotely tracked. Private investigators may take photos and/or video as well. The photos and video provide proof to individuals who hired the investigator that their partner is cheating or is innocent of that charge.

We utilize surveillance technology that other investigation firms don't yet have. For example, we use small GPS devices that can be placed in a vehicle where the driver or passenger will not notice it; this device tracks where the car goes, as well as how long it stays at any given location. This is important information that can help prove an infidelity case. If cars are noticed going to a particular place frequently and spending a good deal of time there, our investigators go there and discreetly photograph and film what is going on, getting the proof they need to catch a cheating spouse or significant other in the act, or prove his or her innocence.

Signs of Cheating Husband or Wife

Do you have a legitimate reason to suspect infidelity in your relationship, or simply a gut feeling? Either way, having to go about your daily life without knowing the truth can be torture. On the other hand, you may feel as if putting the blinders on and going about your life without confronting the problem is the best way to handle it. Rest assured, though, if your spouse or significant other is cheating, this is a temporary solution to a problem that could have painful emotional repercussions. The only choice you have is to attempt to uncover the truth. Let’s start by looking for some warning signs:


Believe it or not, by simply monitoring the telephone, you could be unveiling some clues into the legitimacy of your relationship. For instance, if your spouse or significant other seems to want to have conversations in private, then there may be a good reason for it. Watch to see what he does the next time he gets a phone call. If he walks out of earshot, then he may have something to hide.


Do you and your spouse or significant other have arguments about little things? Does your spouse hide his or her computer use from you? Does he seem to be the one who always instigates these arguments? If so, he could be moody and attempting to project his guilt on you.

Although heeding these warning signs is a good first start, there’s no foolproof method of discovering the truth on your own. In order to ensure that you don’t hurt your partner or your relationship by making a false accusation, you need more than an objective party. You need a professional infidelity investigator, because when it comes to infidelity investigations, accuracy matters. You need Arkus; contact us today for a confidential consultation, and we’ll help you put your mind and your heart to rest.

Partners of potentially cheating spouses benefit from professional investigation services. They get the peace of mind that comes from knowing what is really going on, whether they were imagining things or perfectly correct in their suspicions. Suspected spouses or partners can also benefit if they are found innocent in the investigation. Their relationship can continue as normal, with a renewed sense of trust from their partner, and they never have to know an investigation took place. This keeps the relationship intact, as the discretion of the investigator will ensure that innocent spouses or partners never feel betrayed. Regardless of the outcome of the investigation, one partner will always win, and in cases of innocence, both partners win.

Why Hire Arkus, Inc.?

When you hire one of the infidelity investigators at Arkus, Inc. in Chicago, you get a highly experienced detective who knows exactly how to approach this issue. During the course of a cheating spouse investigation at Arkus, Inc., the investigator assigned to the case will do his or her proper due diligence, using the latest surveillance technology to arrive at the truth.

Our private investigators have access to the best in evidence documentation, high-tech surveillance gear and resources that are not available to the average person — ensuring the results of the investigation are accurate. If your spouse or partner is discovered to truly be cheating, our investigators can even send information directly to your attorney to use as evidence if you want to pursue divorce or stop the relationship rather than reconciling.

If you suspect that your spouse or partner is cheating, don't wonder about it a moment longer, or waste your time trying to crack the case yourself. Cheaters are sneaky and will go out of their way to avoid being discovered by their partners. The investigators at Arkus, Inc. know their tricks and how to thwart them, and will conduct an accurate investigation. Contact Arkus, Inc. today to get the peace of mind you deserve.