Child Custody

Child Custody

The safety and well-being of your child is your number one concern as a parent. Unfortunately, if you share custody of your child with another individual, you may discover that your child is exposed to unsafe situations when he or she is not in your care. A carefully conducted investigation by an experienced child custody investigator in Chicago can help you uncover the evidence you need to protect your child.

Why Would You Need a Child Custody Investigation?

Child custody investigations are often launched in an effort to ensure that the youngest and most vulnerable individuals — children — are being protected at all times, especially when they are left in the care of either the custodial parent or the non-custodial parent. Hiring a private investigator for child custody helps to discover if a child is being exposed to potentially harmful situations or living in a dangerous environment.

There are several situations where a parent may consider hiring a PI for child custody. Some examples of situations where a child custody investigation may be launched include:

  • Physical or emotional abuse
  • Exposure to drug or alcohol abuse
  • Neglect
  • Living in a potentially harmful environment

In most cases, the goal of using a private investigator for child custody is to gather proof that a child’s health and safety are at risk while he or she is living with the other parent. Once proof is obtained, a parent can fight to protect the child by trying to gain full or sole custody.

Child Investigations Can Protect Parents, Too

When you hire a private investigator for a custody battle, you are taking a step that can help protect the child’s wellbeing. Child custody battles can get nasty and result in both sides lodging accusations of abuse and neglect against each other. Parents who become the target of false accusations of neglect or abuse can seek the help of a child custody private investigator to help them maintain custody of their child.

Hiring a private investigator for child support or for a child custody case may enable an independent investigation. The information obtained during that investigation might be enough to clear your name against any false accusations of neglect or abuse.

Private Investigators for Comprehensive Custody Investigations

When parents in the Chicago area are in need of a private investigator for child custody cases, they turn to Arkus, Inc. for help. Our team of professional private investigators has experience collecting evidence and information that can prove helpful during a child custody battle. Whether you are launching the investigation because you have concerns or are in need of an investigator to help you fight accusations lodged against you, Arkus, Inc. provides professional investigative services that help you protect your child by gathering information that could prove invaluable during your child custody battle.

Why Choose Arkus, Inc.?

Parents choose Arkus, Inc. for investigative services because they are comfortable and confident that we can obtain the information that is needed. We have been providing personalized, professional investigative services to the Chicago area since 1975.

Some of our child custody investigation services include:

  • Private surveillance that may include mobile surveillance and photos.
  • Interviews with neighbors or other witnesses such as child care workers, doctors and school staff
  • Background checks of not only the other parent, but also of anyone living in the home with the child

Time is of the essence when dealing with child custody cases. After all, your child's safety could be at risk. Contact Arkus, Inc. today to start working with a team of professional child custody private investigators who will help you with your current family situation.