Computer Forensics In Chicago

Computer Forensics

When Arkus Investigators was established in 1975, personal and business computers were still science fiction. Now, the computer has become a whole branch of science.

The computer is an important part of our daily life. It can be used for good, but all too often it is used for harm. The trail of information the computer contains is invaluable for investigators, and the ability to get at that information, also known as computer forensics, is a skill Arkus Investigators uses to advance the investigative process.

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Computer forensics is both science and art. It is the ability to find and retrieve data and to use a set of sophisticated tools in order to take that information and to build a case around it. It is not enough to locate evidence that may have been hidden, archived or erased, but we need to validate the data to make certain that a case can be built around it. A computer forensic lead is only as good as its ability to be verified.

Computer Forensics Private Investigator

As the computer is so widespread in society, the use of the computer in a variety of illegal or illicit activities has exploded. Clients come to Arkus Investigators from many different walks of life. Naturally, every case is handled with utmost confidentiality and the highest degree of professionalism.

Among the many requests we get from clients are the following:

Internal Fraud Investigations

Internal fraud in business involving financial irregularities, employees suspected of defrauding the company, or ex-employees intentionally attempting to damage or hide data has become widespread. Arkus computer forensics experts assist businesses of all types and sizes with these problems. On the other hand, sometimes extremely important documents are accidentally deleted simply as the result of an error. Our experts can help retrieve those files.

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