Find Missing Persons in Chicago and Beyond

Find Missing Persons

Looking for a missing person is both terrifying and frustrating. Even with so many online resources available to the general public, some people take great measures to ensure they are well hidden from the prying eyes of others and have erased their digital and physical footprints well.

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Regardless of their reasons for disappearing, you will probably need professional assistance to find them.

Save yourself the stress of coming up empty. Hiring a professional private investigator to find someone — even the most elusive missing person — has a much greater chance of success, because they have resources that you don’t.

How Can Arkus, Inc. Help You Find a Missing Person?

Our Chicago missing persons specialists at Arkus, Inc. can help you find anyone that you need or want to contact. In fact, there are no types of missing people that Arkus, Inc. cannot help you locate, even in extremely specialized and/or unique cases.

The missing person investigator assigned to your case has access to a wide array of databases with information of all kinds. These are sources that are not readily available to the general public. Whatever your reasons for wanting to find someone, we can help you get connected with this person at long last. When searching for missing persons, it is always best to go with a professional detective agency.

How Do Investigators Find a Missing Person?

A private investigator who is a missing persons specialist has plenty of resources at his or her disposal. Some of the most important resources include online databases that the general public cannot use, such as

  • DMV records
  • Social Security records
  • Job records
  • Adoption records
  • School records
  • and more.

All of these can and may be used in a missing person investigation. There may also be an element of in-person tracking, to ensure the correct person has been found.

Why Would You Need to Locate Someone?

There are a variety of reasons someone may need to locate a missing person. Some of the most common include:

  • To find a kidnapped child
  • To locate someone who owes money
  • To find a long-lost relative
  • To locate heirs for an unclaimed estate
  • To reunite with old friends or romantic partners

Why Choose Arkus, Inc. to Find Your Missing Person?

We have years of specialized experience in this field, and we know the Chicago area well. It is easy to hide in a big city like Chicago, but not from Arkus, Inc. Our investigators have the ability and resources to branch out from Chicago and into other cities and states as well, if necessary.

You won't find another investigative team in the Chicago area as dedicated to finding your missing person, or with the resources and experience necessary to get the job done quickly. Get peace of mind and find the person you want to locate. Contact Arkus, Inc. today to get started.

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