Fraud Investigations

Fraud Investigations

Companies lose untold amounts of money to corporate fraud each and every year. Although many businesses perform routine audits in an effort to prevent and detect fraud, these amateur methods are rarely effective. Therefore, many companies suffer from the damaging effects of fraud each year as countless cases go undetected.

Fraud Investigator in Chicago

A licensed fraud investigator is a trained professional with extensive expertise and experience in fraud investigations. The fraud investigators at Arkus use proven investigative and analytical procedures to gather evidence, determine if fraudulent behavior is indeed occurring, and perhaps most importantly, identify the culprit.

Insurance Fraud Investigation

Of all business types, insurance firms may be the most susceptible to fraud. In fact, insurance fraud costs agencies a collective $150 billion dollars per year. Many insurance companies hire adjustors in an attempt to detect this type of fraud, yet the problem persists. Current estimates show that adjustors are only able to recover $1 for every $95 lost to insurance fraud. This is because these adjustors often lack the skills, resources and expertise to accurately identify cases of insurance fraud. At Arkus, Inc., our private investigators use a combination of surveillance, witness interviews, scene investigations, vehicle inspections and other proven investigative procedures to identify insurance fraud and keep it from costing agencies exorbitant amounts of money each year.

Corporate Fraud Detection and Prevention

The private detectives at Arkus work with you to determine the nature of the fraudulent activity and the extent of monetary loss or damage. Our company also supports you during the entire litigation procedure, providing documentation of evidence and expert testimony. Don’t let fraud be the downfall of your business. Contact Arkus, Inc. today for a free consultation.