When a car accident occurs, physical harm isn’t the only kind of damage done. Many times, accidents result in tickets, fines, license suspensions and even criminal charges. Sometimes, these punitive repercussions are warranted, and sometimes, they’re completely unfounded. At Arkus, Inc., we’re committed to uncovering the truth surrounding the causes of an accident.

Car Accident Investigation in Chicago

Our trained and experienced licensed investigators inspect the vehicles involved and conduct a thorough inspection of the accident site. These licensed private detectives also interview any witnesses to the accident and review all available documents, including the accident report, criminal records and toxicology reports. Arkus accident investigators construct a re-enactment of the incident to determine the possible causes of the accident and, perhaps most importantly, who is to blame.

Witness Interviewing

Witness interviewing is an important part of an accident investigation and should occur as soon as possible following the review of all file and discovery materials. Interviewing witnesses consists of more than just asking some simple questions and talking to the people who happen to be at the scene of an accident.

Arkus, Inc.’s private investigators understand the delicate nature of witness interviewing and believe that adequate preparation is the key to a successful interview. Therefore, they are able to accurately assess a witness’ credibility, taking note of their body language and overall presentation.

Our licensed private investigators make every effort to interview all involved parties as well as anyone with knowledge of the incident including:

  • Police respondents
  • Medical personnel
  • Tow truck personnel
  • Family members
  • Bystanders
  • Anyone who stopped to help with the accident recovery