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Workers’ Compensation

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Workers’ compensation fraud happens more often than you think. Unfortunately, there are people in our society who will find any way they can to trick the system into a handout. If you suspect that one of your employees is falsifying a work-related injury in order to receive workers’ compensation benefits, you need a licensed private investigator to help you uncover the truth and keep you from being the next victim of workers’ compensation fraud.

At Arkus, Inc., a workers’ comp investigator in Chicago, our experienced private detectives assess your individual case and look for the following red flags:

  • The employee reports that the accident occurred early on a Monday morning. In many cases, a sports-related or weekend injury is actually to blame.
  • There were no witnesses to the accident.
  • The alleged incident took place in an area where the employee wouldn’t normally be stationed.
  • The employee is experiencing financial difficulties or anticipating future layoffs or strikes.
  • The employee has a history of short-term employment.
  • The employee requests more time off than the accident appears to warrant.
  • The employee changes doctors more than once during treatment for the injury in question.
  • The employee hires a lawyer immediately after the accident.

The workers’ compensation investigators at Arkus bring the necessary expertise and equipment to the case to accurately confirm the legitimacy or fraudulence of a claim. We offer high-quality, results-focused investigative services to determine the behaviors and physical condition of the claimant. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we provide undetected surveillance, even inside of public buildings. In addition, clear and steady videotape testimony is a priority for us, as it is an essential part of the investigation and resolution of workers’ compensation cases.