Litigation Support

Litigation Support

Court cases, both criminal and civil, can be complex undertakings, and lawyers can’t do everything. That’s why they depend on reputable private detective agencies like Arkus, Inc. to provide reliable litigation support services in Chicago to help build and analyze evidence. Our licensed Illinois private detectives have been helping attorneys build and win cases for over 40 years.

Our private investigators help attorneys:

  • Gather and preserve evidence
  • Identify and verify witnesses
  • Obtain legal testimony
  • Locate and interview witnesses

Criminal Defense Investigations

In a criminal defense case, there’s a lot at stake. Declaring someone’s guilt or innocence in a criminal court can mean the difference between that person’s freedom or imprisonment, and in some cases, it can even mean life or death. When there is reasonable doubt that the suspect is indeed innocent, then a criminal defense investigation must be conducted.

Arkus, Inc. works closely with a suspect’s attorneys to examine all of the evidence in the case as well as any materials that the defense team received from the prosecutors. Our licensed private detectives pore over police reports, photographs, phone messages, witness statements and more, to determine whether there are any inconsistencies in the case.

Arkus, Inc. also re-examines witnesses in the case to analyze possible motives and detect any changes from their initial statements. Any inconsistencies or ulterior motives uncovered may be used as part of the client’s defense. Our criminal defense investigators may also seek out new witnesses and examine further evidence to ensure that an innocent client will not be found guilty in a court of law.