Process Server

Process Server

Due process of law means that if you wish to file a lawsuit against an individual, you need to ensure that he or she is notified properly through delivery of certain notifications, summons and other documents pertaining to court matters. A private process server in Chicago ensures that these documents are served properly and provides you with notification of service.

Why Hire Professional Process Server Services?

One of the most challenging aspects of serving court documents is locating the person whom they are being served upon. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, the last known address is not current, and this means that he or she will have to be located. Skip tracing is the only viable means of finding someone who, in many cases, does not wish to be found. Unfortunately, this process can be difficult as well as time-consuming. Arkus, Inc. has years of experience as a civil process paper server and we use every means at our disposal to locate the involved parties.

How a Process Server Handles Delivery

At Arkus Inc. we know that someone who is expecting a civil process server often takes steps to evade being served. Keep in mind: unless he or she is actually provided hard copies of the necessary court documents, there is no way to force this person into court to answer for his or her actions. This is one reason many people elect to work with a professional process server; they know that someone will attempt to avoid service whenever possible. However, a private process server in Chicago with experience uses every legal method possible to ensure that documents are served in a timely manner. At Arkus Inc. we are a special process server in Chicago that follows all appropriate state and local laws so you can feel confident that delivery is legal.

When Someone Avoids Service

When you need to hire a civil process server, we understand that the defendant may take extraordinary measures to avoid service. As thorough and efficient Chicago professional process servers, we take whatever steps are necessary to guarantee timely and legal delivery, including:

Conducting Surveillance

When necessary, we monitor the defendant’s comings and goings at home and at work.

Skip Tracing

We take every legal step toward tracing the person’s whereabouts, including conducting credit checks when appropriate.

Vehicle Checks

We run license and registration checks to determine the defendant’s current location.

Once we have successfully delivered all documents, we give you a notarized proof of delivery, which must be presented to the court.

If you need a legal process server, contact Arkus Inc. today and work with one of the best experienced, professional process serving companies.