Arkus, Inc. expertly navigates clients through a variety of tough situations. While private investigators generally survey and collect information from others for their clients, today’s clients now need protection from being surveilled as well. That is where counter surveillance comes in. Arkus, Inc. offers counter surveillance services in Chicago to help protect your privacy.

What Is Counter Surveillance?

Living outside the world of law enforcement, you may not know what counter surveillance is or how it is used. In movies, you often see actors looking over their shoulders to make sure they are not being followed. Counter surveillance is basically the same thing — secretly monitoring to make sure no one else is watching.

At Arkus, Inc., we have studied and continue to learn refined techniques to make our operations work seamlessly for our clients’ benefit. We know how to find information, collect it legally, and use it for your benefit.

Why Would You Need Counter Surveillance Detection?

With 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce — and many of those include children, custody battles and stalking — private detection services are requested constantly. Yet family services are not the only reason one might need counter surveillance. The worlds of espionage, extortion or blackmail, and even revenge, still exist. For some, it is a disturbing reality.

For most clients, we simply collect information to use in court, but for more severe examples of abuse or seeking the deepest underground activity, we need the protection that counter surveillance provides.

Arkus, Inc. takes your protection seriously. Our professionals understand the volatility of relationships, whether personal or business. What’s more, we are committed to making sure our clients remain safe by employing every tactic we know for preserving privacy and even rooting out those who would threaten it.

Our Chicago Counter Surveillance Services

When you come to Arkus, Inc. as a client, we first talk through your situation and discuss what services you require. Be assured, your privacy is our highest priority. We are not a court of law, and we guarantee the utmost level of professionalism and impartiality while dealing with your case.

Our investigators are well-trained in counter surveillance techniques and may:

  • Perform highly technical surveillance counter measures
  • Detect whether bugs have been planted and discover who planted them
  • Handle basic and in-depth background checks
  • Uncover and eliminate spyware or malware on electronic devices
  • Perform virtually any other task necessary to protect our clients and preserve their right to privacy

Why Choose Arkus, Inc.?

When you find yourself out of your depth and need someone to trust, where do you go? It is difficult to trust anyone when facing danger and threats, but Arkus, Inc. can provide you with protection. Our private detective agency has proudly served Chicago residents with surveillance services of all types for over 40 years. We have worked thousands of cases all over the world and use only the best equipment and technology to ensure quality results. After all these years, we gladly pour all our expertise on your case.