Are you suspicious of someone in your immediate circle of trust? In these technological days, virtually everyone could be under surveillance of some kind or another without being the wiser. Whether you are a parent seeking to ensure the safety of your child or a business owner needing proof of an employee mishandling your equipment, Chicago covert surveillance by Arkus, Inc. can help you.

What Is Covert Surveillance?

The basic definition of surveillance means closely observing a person, place or object, or the practice of watching the subject for the purpose of documenting its interactions or whereabouts. Performing this type of surveillance is typically done covertly so the subject is unaware of the scrutiny. How does this help you? Surveillance of any kind provides security and knowledge. Whether you are suspicious of illegal activity at work or you're protecting yourself from physical harm, Arkus, Inc. has the tools to help you.

Do You Need Covert Surveillance?

The reasons one might have to pursue covert surveillance in Chicago are endless. Our versatile tools suit all needs, including searching for missing people, investigating crimes at work, spousal infidelity, workers’ compensation claims, vandalism, theft, or even fraud and other criminal activities.

Arkus, Inc. uses the following covert surveillance techniques:


Private investigators physically watch and follow a target.


Speaking to the family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers of a target is an effective information-gathering tool.

Electronic Surveillance

This technique utilizes digital photography or video recordings.

Why Choose Arkus, Inc.?

Our esteemed company, having over 40 years to perfect and maintain our reputation, is pleased to provide our clients with all the experience and skill of our surveillance experts. We have operated successfully in thousands of cases all around the globe and we’re proud of our ability to provide our clients with the information and documentation they require.

We take the training of new operatives seriously and use only the best equipment available to ensure quality results each and every time we take on a covert surveillance job. Once you sign with Arkus, Inc., we guarantee our devotion to your cause and protection of your name. After our work is complete, the client receives a disk of the evidence and a detailed report officially documenting the findings.

A private investigation firm is only as good as its surveillance services. Choose wisely and select Arkus, Inc.