When thinking about surveillance, does your mind picture a sleuth lurking behind corners, wearing a fedora and trench coat? While that is a glamorous image, that is not exactly how it works. Arkus, Inc. provides clients with all kinds of investigative services in the Chicago area, using only the most advanced and effective techniques, one of which is video surveillance.

Video Surveillance Services in Chicago

While surveillance is defined as covert observation for the purpose of catching or collecting evidence of criminal or immoral behavior, it can be conducted in a variety of ways — ranging from physical observation and following the subject on foot or by vehicle to recordings through video. Needless to say, any surveillance tactics come with risks and it requires great skill to conduct an investigation successfully.

Our operatives at Arkus, Inc. have thorough training in their field and continually work on improving themselves within their specialties. Our commitment to excellence prevents us from being lax with our continuing education. At Arkus, Inc., we maintain our edge on Chicago video surveillance services by keeping up with cutting-edge technology and information.

Do You Need Video Surveillance?

Here at Arkus, Inc., we provide video surveillance service in Chicago and are committed to using our skills to help you however you need. The reasons for needing video surveillance are endless, but include:

  • Preventing vandalism of property
  • Proof of harassment in the workplace
  • Monitoring employee behavior
  • Checking on your child’s safety
  • Evidence of spousal infidelity

Arkus, Inc. provides discreet, confidential services for every client. Our goal is to ensure your safety and peace of mind in every area of your life.

How Video Surveillance Helps You

After your initial assessment with Arkus, Inc., in which we explore your investigative needs, we inform you how we intend to proceed with the investigation, and we provide reasonable expectations of the potential results. Once an investigator has been assigned your case, he or she begins a background check of the subject, thoroughly collecting not only the basic information, but also the subject’s daily habits and work schedule.

The investigator then becomes familiar with the location and its surrounding areas using maps and pictures, since losing one's way could hinder the investigation. Our investigators at Arkus, Inc. understand that using the proper tools for the proper job is necessary for successfully completing an investigation. This may include the installation of cameras in ideal locations to apprehend a suspect or for prime viewing of common areas to monitor your children. From there, a specific plan is developed to apprehend the subject or collect the evidence needed — all while taking notes and accurately recording all the information you need.

While we all know there are laws about using cameras to record people without their knowledge and consent, the detectives at Arkus, Inc. are legally licensed and insured, and are allowed to gather evidence for our investigative purposes using video equipment. Part of our training includes keeping up with current laws and working with law enforcement. With Arkus, Inc. working on your behalf, you are assured of our professional commitment to following the law so your investigation is not dismissed in court on a technicality.