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If your business hasn't been a victim of employee theft, consider yourself fortunate. As a leading provider of theft investigation in Chicago, we understand firsthand the threat employee theft represents to businesses, law firms and individuals across the United States.

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Why Employee Theft Is a Problem

Consider these alarming statistics:

  • A total of $50 billion is stolen annually by employees from American businesses
  • Businesses experience a 7 percent loss of annual revenues due to theft and fraud
  • 75 percent of employees are reported to have stolen at least once from their employer
  • More than 30 percent of all business bankruptcies result from employee theft

Theft takes many forms, from "small" crimes such as stealing office supplies and merchandise, to stealing time (inflating one's break time, not properly reporting sick or vacation leave), and internal sabotage or violence toward a facility or other employees. Left unchecked, these actions can cause irreparable damage to a business or law firm.

That's why our private detective agency — serving the Chicago area and surrounding suburbs for more than three decades — has become a leader in conducting investigations on behalf of Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, insurance companies, law firms and private citizens.

When you choose Arkus, you're guaranteed a team of highly qualified Illinois private investigators dedicated to helping you resolve your crisis in a private, professional and effective manner.

What happens in a theft investigation?

Each case is unique, of course, but certain employee theft investigation methods consistently yield the best results. These include:

  • Discreetly gathering information within a company
  • A private detective applying for a job at the target company (undercover)
  • Close observation of employees' day-to-day activities
  • Thorough covert investigation with daily theft investigation reports to client

Uncovering employee misconduct comes from the use of skilled, experienced and discreet investigative techniques — which is where Arkus, Chicago's premier private investigators, excel.

What investigative services does Arkus provide?

As one of the most respected agencies in Chicago for investigating theft in the workplace, Arkus provides the full spectrum of investigative services — from employee fraud investigations to background checks, insurance and legal investigations, business and undercover investigations, warehouse theft investigations, and more. Our company president and lead investigator, Robert Arden, has overseen numerous investigations of varying complexity, involving multiple agents.

The services of a truly discreet and seasoned investigator are available to businesses, law firms and individuals around the clock — 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Why should you choose Arkus Inc.?

More than half of our business comes from repeat clients. They come back time and again because they've experienced our dedication and quality results firsthand. We provide:

  • Expert local investigators, each with at least five years of experience in the field
  • Use of the latest, state-of-the-art investigatory technology for high-quality, court-admissible results
  • A calm, disciplined approach to each case, ensuring a successful outcome
  • Consistent professional and confidential customer relations

Arkus, Inc. guarantees confidentiality for every client, and close supervision of discreet, experienced investigators who are equipped with the key strategies and technology to catch the suspect in action.

When faced with a serious situation, you need a team serious about results. You need Arkus.

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