Threat Assessment

Threat Assessment

Violence seems to be everywhere. It occurs every day, including in the workplace. Someone threatens physical harm against a person, against a business or against its employees. Incidents sometimes seem random or unpredictable, and no employee should have to face such uncertainty. Often, however, threats can be assessed ahead of time, and the risks can be reduced or even eliminated. That's where Arkus, Inc. comes in.

Employers and facility owners have a responsibility to protect their workers from violence in the workplace, no matter the source of the threat. It can be difficult, however, to distinguish a legitimate threat from an empty one. Regardless of the situation, taking appropriate actions is absolutely vital to protecting your business and your employees and customers from potentially irreparable harm.

Why Threat Assessments Are Necessary

There was a time when a security threat assessment was something carried out by the Secret Service to evaluate threats made against public officials. The danger has spread, however, and our security today seems to be threatened on a regular basis. Being in a troubled relationship can trigger violence against a partner at the workplace. Disgruntled employees β€” or even customers β€” can act out in anger. Employers must have an effective way to analyze potentially dangerous situations. Knowing how to accurately assess the risks is a vital skill.

A security threat detective must be proactive and focused on preventing harm to individuals and property. The primary focus of such an assessment is to prevent violence against a specific target. This takes not only proper resources, but also knowing how to use social media, for instance, to collect information about the individual making threats. Determinations can be made from how individuals express their threats, as well as by performing in-depth background checks to evaluate a suspect's potential for doing harm to others.

Security Risk Assessment in Chicago

Arkus, Inc. can perform a security threat assessment for your company. Our security threat detective would:

  • Determine the validity of the threat to your company
  • Investigate and uncover the source of the threat
  • Document evidence properly, in case your company determines that it’s best to press charges or obtain restraining orders
  • Advise you on the appropriate actions to take
  • Help you execute the strategic plan to deal with a potential threat

When it's determined that a security risk assessment is needed, Chicago businesses want Arkus, Inc. on their side. With our track record, we are confident that we can identify any potential threats, including those that may not be apparent on the surface. We keep all client records confidential, and we provide excellent 24/7 service.

Dealing with threats is stressful and puts a strain on day-to-day operations. Arkus, Inc. has firsthand experience in all areas of threat assessment, and we can handle this delicate task while you take care of your core business operations.

Let Arkus, Inc. Establish a Presence on the Scene

There are a variety of circumstances in which Arkus, Inc. can successfully intervene. For example, in business, there often comes a time when an employer has to change vendors, close a customer account, or let a worker go. Reactions can vary, and some may escalate to the point of becoming a security risk. Your company must prepare for some emotional responses β€” or even an unpredictable threat. People under stress can react in a variety of ways: They may perform vandalistic acts, commit a robbery or burglary, threaten self-harm, or even voice threats against the building or people within the company. Whether you believe the threats are realistic or not, it is necessary to protect yourself and your workers against any possibility of harm.

Arkus, Inc. wants to provide your business with the protection it needs. We can also act as a witness to situations. Sometimes just having an independent party present is enough to deter someone from lashing out. Whether you need a security threat assessment performed, or witness reports in the event court proceedings become necessary, Arkus, Inc. has a solution for you.

Why Choose Arkus, Inc.?

Arkus, Inc. cares about your safety and the safety of those within your realm of responsibility. Threats are serious. They may seem benign, but proactively preventing tragedy could save you from second-guessing yourself later. Your security is our first priority. We can be as conspicuous as you prefer (as a preventive measure), or we can be discreet and provide a security threat detective who will inconspicuously investigate situations so your employees do not have to worry and the suspect won't be tipped off.