Do you have questions that need answers, or have lingering suspicions you haven’t been able to confirm or deny? Evanston private investigation company, Arkus, Inc., helps individuals and businesses find information and answers to questions and problems large and small.

While our investigation agency is physically located in the greater Chicago metropolitan area, we routinely conduct investigations in other parts of Illinois, across the United States, and even in other countries around the world.

Whatever your investigation needs, let Arkus, Inc. help you find answers and the peace of mind that comes with those answers. Contact us today.

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Since 1975, Arkus, Inc. has helped countless businesses and individual clients in Evanston and beyond, handling each case with skill and care.

Our many, satisfied clients trust our investigators to uncover details and information in a wide range of matters — including all types of business investigations, computer forensics and fraud issues. Individual clients turn to us when they need help with missing persons cases; have suspicions about a cheating spouse or a child custody situation; and much more. We also work with legal professionals — from individual law practices to large law firms — providing service of process and handling legal investigations.

Our Evanston investigation services include (but are not limited to):

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Whether you need help with a business investigation so you can make strategic decisions; need help locating a missing person; or need other help confirming suspicions about any other matter, you don’t have to go it alone or continue wondering “what if.” The experienced, fully licensed detectives at Arkus, Inc. know how to conduct thorough, discreet investigations, leaving no stone unturned in our quest to assist our clients.

You need answers. Our private investigators can get those answers, whether you’re in Evanston or somewhere else. Contact Arkus, Inc. today to learn more.