Are you looking for answers or information, but aren’t sure where to start? Arkus, Inc. is the Naperville private investigator that area residents and businesses have trusted to help uncover information for decades. We’ve built a reputation for excellence because our trained investigators know how to conduct all types of investigations, from the relatively simple to the complex. Further, we approach every investigation with the same commitment to excellence. We serve individuals, companies and attorneys requiring accurate, detailed results.

Arkus, Inc. is headquartered in Chicagoland. However, our investigators are ready and able to travel wherever the investigation leads us — whether that’s on the other side of the state, across the country, or even to international destinations. When you need a private investigator, choose Arkus, Inc.

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Arkus, Inc. has deep expertise serving clients in and around Naperville. In fact, we’ve been conducting exhaustive and reliable investigations since 1975. As a results-oriented private investigator, we know how and where to help find our clients the answers they need.

Some investigators focus solely on personal matters, helping find missing persons, investigating clients’ hunches involving a cheating spouse, or obtaining information to bolster clients’ cases in child custody hearings. Other investigations firms only work with business customers, handling technical computer forensic matters, fraud investigations or routine background checks. At Arkus, Inc., we routinely work with both individual and business customers, as well as with law firms and other professionals needing the services we can provide.

We are proud to offer a full range of private investigatory services in Naperville, including the following:

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Maybe you have suspicions about a family member’s, employee’s or other person’s activities. Perhaps you simply need information you can use to make strategic business decisions. Without hard evidence to back your suspicions or make informed choices, you can’t take action. Hiring a private investigator can help provide answers, evidence and much-needed peace of mind.

If you require a private investigator in Naperville, Arkus, Inc. is at your service. Whether you want help with a business investigation or have more personal needs for retaining our services, our experienced investigators and staff will work to help you find the answers you need. Our team is highly skilled and investigators are fully licensed with at least five years of experience helping other Naperville clients with their investigatory needs.

To learn more about how Arkus, Inc. can help you with an investigation in Naperville or anywhere around the world, contact us today.